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The sight from the top of the bell tower! Old belll tower demolished!
Thursday, 12th of July 2012

Photo's taken from the 10th to the 12th of July. The web designer managed to monkey his way to the top of the south bell tower. Seen in the photo's is the line of sight of south bell tower.

(12-o-clock being towards the north bell tower)

At 5-o-clock the Kadalana water tower is seen.

At 6-o-clock the roof of the Kadalana Church is visible.

At 8-o-clock the sea somewhere between Lunawa flats and Angulana flats is visible. The roof top of the adjoining Seylan Bank is also seen.

At 9-o-clock the new flats complex at Angulana is clearly visible.

The porch top balcony is being completed and the inner cone of the north bell tower has been installed. The engraving work is seen in the last photo's with the photo's of the demolished old bell tower. Also seen in the photos, the doors lifted by 14 inches.

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