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August of 2012
2012-Aug-22 : Feast of the Queenship of Mary More Info
2012-Aug-21 : Various photos of the church and flag staffs along the Galle Road More Info
2012-Aug-19 : After feast entertainment show More Info
2012-Aug-19 : After feast Prayer Service More Info
2012-Aug-19 : Video of the Festive High Mass held at the Queen Of Angels' Church by His Eminence Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith More Info
2012-Aug-19 : His Eminence Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith declares open Queen Of Angels' Church and presides Festive Mass More Info
2012-Aug-18 : Video of the Vespers service held at the Queen Of Angels' Church by His Lordship Bishop Rt. Rev. Dr. Maxwell Silva More Info
2012-Aug-18 : Procession of after Vespers Service More Info
2012-Aug-18 : His Lordship Bishop Rt. Rev. Dr. Maxwell Silva presided the Vespers service at Queen of Angels' Church More Info
2012-Aug-18 : The Final Hours More Info
2012-Aug-17 : Youth preparing More Info
2012-Aug-17 : Blessing the main church cross More Info
2012-Aug-17 : Rogger Seneviratena visits to monitor the carpet work More Info
2012-Aug-16 : 14th Feast of the Apparition More Info
2012-Aug-16 : Youth preparing Pandol More Info
2012-Aug-16 : Installing CCTV systems, finalizing sounds, installing altar fence More Info
2012-Aug-15 : Feast of Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary into Heaven More Info
2012-Aug-15 : Carpeting the road path, landscaping under the support of Provincial council member Rogger Senevirate More Info
2012-Aug-14 : Moving statue in the grounds, painting, installing door locks More Info
2012-Aug-14 : Lifting main statue on to Facade More Info
2012-Aug-13 : Attempting to lift the main statue onto the Facade More Info
2012-Aug-13 : Installing lightning arrestors, doors installed, testing sounds More Info
2012-Aug-12 : Youth of the Parish at work preparing Pandol More Info
2012-Aug-12 : Feast of the Siribaramanikepura wayside shrine, Historic procession More Info
2012-Aug-12 : Progress at Mission House, painting church More Info
2012-Aug-11 : Vespers service at Siribaramanikepura More Info
2012-Aug-11 : Main hall titling complete, painting roof and padding benches More Info
2012-Aug-10 : Preparing to relocate statue, floor tile progress More Info
2012-Aug-10 : Youth of the Parish at work preparing for the Jubilee More Info
2012-Aug-10 : Flag staff hoisted near the Veluwanarama Road More Info
2012-Aug-06 : Priests visit Queen Of Angels' church More Info
2012-Aug-06 : Preparing the flag staff of the Queen of Angels' Church More Info
2012-Aug-09 : Installing floor tiles of the church, painting outer church final coat More Info
2012-Aug-07 : Bringing Jubilee statue into the church, 1st Novena More Info
2012-Aug-07 : Hoisting of the Feast Flag of the Queen of Angels' Church Rawatawatte for the 50th Jubilee More Info
2012-Aug-07 : Tiling corridor border walls, altar progress, painting church More Info
2012-Aug-05 : Corpus Christi rally of the Rawatawatte Parish More Info
2012-Aug-03 : Installing granite floor, floor tile shipment arrives More Info
2012-Aug-02 : Laying out granite for altar, installing side doors More Info
2012-Aug-01 : Archdiocesan Co-ordinator for Liturgy visits the Queen of Angels' Church More Info
2012-Aug-01 : Farewell video of Rev. Fr. Prasanna uploaded More Info
2012-Aug-01 : Altar floor raised. Preparing for concrete. More Info



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