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March of 2013
2013-Mar-31 : Easter Sunday More Info
2013-Mar-30 : Laying of the foundation station stone for the Lunawa Church bell tower. More Info
2013-Mar-30 : Holy Saturday services More Info
2013-Mar-29 : Way of the cross in English More Info
2013-Mar-29 : Good Friday services in the Parish More Info
2013-Mar-28 : Maundy Thursday services and common Holy Hour More Info
2013-Mar-27 : Way of the cross for the students of the Roman Catholic College More Info
2013-Mar-24 : Outdoor Way of the cross at Rawathawatte More Info
2013-Mar-24 : Hosanna Rally of Moratuwa More Info
2013-Mar-24 : Palm Sunday More Info
2013-Mar-23 : Passion of Christ Screened More Info
2013-Mar-02 : Daham Pasal students left for the children's day at Thewatte More Info
2013-Mar-18 : Zone Masses for Lent More Info
2013-Mar-17 : Farewell to Reverent Sister Mary Nimalka A. C. More Info
2013-Mar-10 : Way of the cross at Lunawa More Info
2013-Mar-10 : Daham Pasal fair More Info
2013-Mar-06 : Robbery at Queen Of Angels' Catholic Church! - THIEF WANTED! More Info
2013-Mar-05 : Support for Zip files when downloading All Images More Info
2013-Mar-05 : Photo's of the Queen of Angels' Church updated More Info



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